ARC Affiliation Form

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Student Information

By completing this form you are notifying TCNJ that you may be requesting reasonable accommodations on the basis of disability.

Please note that this form can only be filled out once. If you were previously affiliated with ARC and have questions about next steps, please contact ARC at 

Please use your TCNJ email address if known, if not, then other email

Specific Accommodation Information

The requirements for providing accommodations at the college level differ significantly from those for high school. Please be aware that you may not receive all of the accommodations you have had in the past.
Are you interested in participating in a fee-based student support program for students with disabilities?Required
If "yes" or "maybe" an ARC representative will contact you with information about the TCNJ's Lion Plus program.
Will you be requesting, or are you interested in discussing, on-campus housing accommodations?Required
Upload supporting document(s)

As part of the affiliation process with the Accessibility Resource Center (ARC), you must submit documentation of disability. This documentation should be reflective of how your disability may impact or intersect with the College experience. This documentation (on letterhead) should be no more than three (3) years old and be provided by a licensed professional.

Your affiliation with ARC cannot be completed without supporting medical documentation. Please provide in PDF or other unalterable form: 1) a letter, on letterhead, from a treating physician/therapist, and should include: a) the diagnosis, and b) a description of the ways that this diagnosis interferes with your ability to succeed as a college student; 2) your IEP or 504 plan, if you had one. During this time when we are working remotely, we request that the supporting documentation be sent to us by email at: If this is not possible, please call (609-771-3199) or email to let us know and we will work out an alternative.

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